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Maldives’ United Opposition’s plans for a transitional government

Xiena Saeed Male, August 30 (Maldives Independent): The MUO is advocating for a transitional government. Why do we need a transitional government? Hussain Shameem: To put it briefly, Maldivians do no trust President Abdulla Yameen’s administration. They’ve hijacked the whole state. The people do not trust institutions to uphold democratic principles and system of checks and balances. There is no public...

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Domestic and international conditions ripe for ouster of the Yameen regime in the Maldives, says opposition spokesman

Colombo, August 29 (The New Indian Express): All conditions, domestic and international, are ripe for bringing about the overthrow of Abdulla Yameen’s regime in the Maldives, says Hamid Abdul Ghafoor, International spokesman of the Maldivian Democratic Party  (MDP) led by the ousted President Mohammad Nasheed. India, the US, and the EU are backing the opposition move to oust Yameen’s dictatorial...

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Maldivian Chamber of Commerce calls for ban on foreign journalists and photographers

Male, August 28 (Maldives Independent): The Maldivian business lobby has urged President Abdulla Yameen to ban foreign journalists from working in the Maldives, citing damage to the economy and the tourism sector. The Maldives National Chamber of Commerce and Industries (MNCCI) said foreign journalists are  “biased in their coverage of the Maldives.” A ban would also increase opportunities for “hardworking...

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Maldives opposition meet in Sri Lanka to hatch plan against Yameen

Aug 26 - The Maldives’ dissident former president met opposition groups in neighbouring Sri Lanka today to hatch a plan to topple strongman president Abdulla Yameen, opposition sources told AFP. Ex-president Mohamed Nasheed, who recently won asylum in Britain after being jailed by Yameen’s government, was among several exiled opposition groups meeting in Colombo, two people in Nasheed’s Maldivian Democratic...

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A move to oust the president of the Maldives is being planned

London, August 25 (BBC): Opponents of the Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen are looking to move against him within weeks, according to sources. The President's spokesperson confirmed to the BBC that the administration is aware of the moves” by those living outside  the Maldives. Such a plot is "disingenuous to the people of the Maldives and in clear breach of international...

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Does Islamic Maldives have a problem with democracy?

By Azim Zahir/ Five years on, confusion and despair have all but replaced the hope of the Arab Spring (with the possible exception of Tunisia). Many have cited the democratic failures and the rise of uglier forms of violence in these states to bolster a “Clash of Civilizations”  worldview. Yet the tiny Indian Ocean Muslim nation of the Maldives suggests otherwise....

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Maldives move to restrict right to assembly

Maldives move to restrict right to assembly Male, August 16 ( ONLINE): People’s Majlis on Monday agreed to consider an amendment to the right to assemble on streets, which will make it necessary to secure written permission from the police, though Art. 32 of the Maldivian constitution says that citizens have the right to peaceful gathering without prior permission from...

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Maldives slams international community over defamation bill

Aug 2 (NIA) - The Maldives government, on Tuesday, rejected a joint statement released by the US, EU, UK, Germany, Norway and Netherlands over a draft defamation bill which is being debated in the Maldives parliament. The Maldives said that concerns raised by these countries were 'fallacious and ill-informed' and while the island nation welcomed the opportunity to engage with its...

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