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The researchers also looked at the genetic link to cardiovascular and metabolic health factors such as smoking, obesity, education and personality to try and understand connections with dental health.

Genes may play role in tooth decay

July 10 (PTI) - Hereditary traits and factors such as obesity, education and personality may play a role in tooth decay and gum disease, according to a study. Tooth decay and periodontitis, also known as gum disease, are among the most common diseases around the world but unlike many other well-known diseases knowledge of how genes affect the risk of developing these dental...

The average person could be consuming 1,769 particles of plastic every week from water alone

You may be eating a credit card’s worth of plastic each week

June 17 (Reuters) - Plastic pollution is so widespread in the environment that you may be ingesting five grams a week, the equivalent of eating a credit card, a study commissioned by the environmental charity WWF International said on Wednesday. The study by Australia’s University of Newcastle said the largest source of plastic ingestion was drinking water, but another major source was shellfish,...

When people experience discomfort, foods that normally taste good do not appear as pleasant to the palate.

Meals taste better when you are seated

June 12 (Hindustan Times) - Food tastes better when you are sitting down, say scientists who found that holding a standing posture for even a few minutes prompts physical stress, muting taste buds. The research, published in the Journal of Consumer Research, looked specifically at how the vestibular sense, which is responsible for balance, posture and spatial orientation, interacts with the...

Plastic consumption

You’re accidentally eating more than 50,000 plastic particles a year

June 6 (CNET) - Think you know what you're consuming each day? Think again. A recent study reports that the average American eats at least 50,000 particles of microplastic every year. Yum? The news comes from a report published Wednesday in the journal Environmental Science and Technology. The scientists behind the study used data from 25 earlier studies covering common...

The Ohana Project – Mental health awareness for general public in Sri Lanka

The Ohana Project – Mental health awareness for general public in Sri Lanka

Colombo, April 27 ( - The Ohana Project has been created by a multidisciplinary group of professionals from diverse backgrounds such as; Medicine, Psychology, Counseling, Education, and Public Health in Sri Lanka. The Ohana Project Team Despite notable efforts to increase awareness and transparency surrounding mental health issues in Sri Lanka, the stigma associated with the need for...

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