Saturday, September 25, 2021

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New species of burrowing dinosaur found perfectly preserved in ‘Cretaceous Pompeii’

© Carine Ciselet/Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences One of the two perfectly preserved skeletons of Changmiania liaoningensis and an artist's impression.

September 22 (ABC News) - Paleontologists in China have discovered a brand new species of burrowing dinosaur that dates back an estimated 125 million years ago. The newly found dinosaur species was discovered in the Lujiatun Beds, located in northeast China in the Liaoning Province, in the oldest layers of the famous Yixian Formation which has produced several hundred preserved ...

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New grasshopper species discovered in Sri Lanka after 116 years

© Provided by Daily News (via HT Media Ltd.) The newly-discovered Cladonotus Bhaskari grasshopper species.

August 6 (Daily News) - A new species of pygmy grasshopper, discovered after 116 years by a group of foreign researchers in Sri Lanka, has been named after a 28-year-old Indian orthopterist (one who studies grasshoppers) and conservation biologist Dhaneesh Bhaskar of Kerala. The new species, which was discovered by a group of Croatian and German researchers in Sinharaja Rainforest ...

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