Sri Lankan President to make key changes in two weeks

Sri Lankan President to make key changes in two weeks

Colombo, April 20 (NIA) – Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena on Thursday announced that Sri Lanka was heading towards a positive and strong economic stability.

Speaking to heads of local media institutions, Sirisena said the country’s foreign reserves had already exceeded US 5 billion dollars and more economic performances were expected soon.

Sirisena said the economy was on a stronger footing compared to when he assumed office in January 2015 and he added that economic management was carried out well.

He further said he will also carry out sweeping changes in his government within the next two weeks.

“There would be sweeping changes in individuals holding key positions within two weeks,” Sirisena told media heads.

Asked if there would be a cabinet reshuffle, he said: “Don’t get excited…Wait till Vesak.”

Sirisena is expected to re-shuffle his cabinet in the coming months with some key ministers to be transferred to different ministries.
“This is for the betterment of the country so that ministries perform to the highest standards,” political sources said.