Sri Lanka says Susanthika cannot auction olympic medal

Sri Lanka says Susanthika cannot auction olympic medal

Colombo, June 7 (NIA) – Sri Lanka’s Sports Minister Dayasiri Jayasekara, on Wednesday, lashed out at former Sprint Queen Susanthika Jayasingha, stating she could not auction her Plympic medal as it belonged to the state.

“The country has spent millions on her, for her training and her competitions, so she cannot think the medal belongs to her for her to do what she likes. All medals belong to the state. If she wants to auction it, the Ministry will take it,” Jayasekara said.

The Minister’s comments come days after Jayasingha said she would have to auction her medal to meet her living expenses and the Ministry had failed to pay her, her salary dues and had been ill treating her.

Jayasingha said she was finding it difficult to survive with her two children which is why she would auction the medal.

She added that she had been removed from her job at the Sports Ministry and it was sad that athletes were not valued in the island country.

However Jayasekara said that Susanthika had been receiving a salary of Rs.60,000 per month for her duties at the Sports Ministry, but the former athlete had failed to perform any of her duties.

Despite taking the matter up with her several times, Jayasekara said Susanthika had failed to perform, especially in training younger athletes.

“Susanthika has had a problem with all the governments and all the sports ministers. She is never content. She has directly accused the Sports Ministry of harassing her and not paying her her salaries even though she has publicly alleged that she has not received a cent from the Ministry,” Jayasekara said.