Sri Lanka aims to be promoted as ‘World Capital of Precious Gems’

Sri Lanka aims to be promoted as ‘World Capital of Precious Gems’

Colombo, April 20 (NIA) – Sri Lanka is aiming to be promoted as the ‘World Capital of Precious Gems’ at the Jakarta International Jewelry Fair which is scheduled to be held on April 20 to 23, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement here Thursday.

Sri Lanka will display its world class gems for the first time at the international jewelry fair which is scheduled to be held at the at the Jakarta Convention Center.

The National Gem and Jewelry Association (NGJA) will lead a delegation of 15 representatives from prominent Gem companies to Jakarta.

During the Fair, the Sri Lankan participants will display various precious and famous Sri Lankan gems such as Sapphires, Rubies, Cat’s Eye, Emerald, etc, representing Sri Lanka as the World Capital of Precious Gems.

The Jakarta International Jewelry Fair (“JIJF”) is the most glamorous and comprehensive jewelry trade fair that provides entrepreneurs and business owners alike to congregate, trade, and exchange latest market information within the jewelry industry in Indonesia.

The fair provides great opportunity for manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and suppliers in diamond, gold, silver, pearl, precious and semi precious stones to congregate and establish business relationship with many untapped Indonesian jewelers and regional jewelry traders.