Rare whale washes ashore in Sri Lanka

Rare whale washes ashore in Sri Lanka

Colombo, May 19 (NIA) – A massive fish believed to be a rare whale washed ashore in Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo on Friday attracting massive crowds to gather at the beach.

Police who arrived at the scene immediately notified the relevant authorities.

The body of the fish had decayed causing a fur like substance to develop all over its skin.

Police had to clear the large crowds which were busy taking selfies and videos near the dead whale.

The whale had washed ashore on the beaches of Marine Drive, located between Wellawatta and Bambalapitiya.

Just last week another dead whale made headlines when it was identified as a ‘sea monster’ when it washed ashore on the beaches of Indonesia.

Indonesians initially thought the mystery monster was a stranded boat after it was spotted on the shores of Seram island last week.

Closer inspection revealed it to be a rotting corpse, but the 50ft creature was so badly decomposed that its species remained a puzzle.

Scientists later identified the creature as a sperm whale.


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  1. Ratatat   May 22, 2017 at 6:02 am

    That can’t be a whale .. too small. That’s a whale shark