Mumbai don Dawood Ibrahim’s son and heir has become a mendicant Islamic cleric

Mumbai don Dawood Ibrahim’s son and heir has become a mendicant Islamic cleric

Mumbai, December 1 (The Express Tribune): Despite ruling the underworld of India’s biggest metropolis for decades, the infamous mafia don Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar is in trauma as his 31 one year old son and heir, Moim Nawaz D.Kaskar, has become a mendicant Islamic cleric.

Moin who is a qualified Maulana and a Hafiz, is living in a mosque and not with his family in a palatial house, Thane town  police officer Pradeep Sharma told the local media.

“Moin is understood to be deadly against his father’s illegal activities which have given the entire family a notorious reputation worldwide and made many of them wanted fugitives everywhere,” said the Anti-Extortion Cell head in Thane city.

Sharma said the information was shared by Dawood’s younger brother Iqbal Ibrahim Kaskar while in custody. Iqbal, arrested in September, is currently being interrogated by the Thane AEC in connection with three extortion cases.

The prospect of a vast underworld empire without a heir is giving Dawood sleepless nights, according to Iqbal Ibrahim.

With Dawood’s other brother Anees Ibrahim Kaskar ageing and reportedly not in robust health and other brothers already dead, the don was desperately relying on his only son to take over the empire.

“His son is practically estranged from the family and all its businesses in the past few years, but it is not clear if he is on speaking terms with his father,” said Sharma, renowned as “encounter specialist” of the past, dreaded by the mafia.

According to Iqbal Ibrahim, his nephew Moin had become a respected and qualified Maulana and a Hafiz-e-Quran.

Moin’s religious activities include teaching the Holy Quran and preaching to young children, leading the call to prayers and congregation of Namaz on  various occasions. He also takes other social and religious responsibilities associated with a cleric, Iqbal told investigators.

(The featured image at the top shows don Dawood Ibrahim)