West Bengal beats Odisha in the battle for the Rosogolla

West Bengal beats Odisha in the battle for the Rosogolla

New Delhi, November 17: (Reuters): West Bengal has beaten the neighboring State of Odisha in the bitter battle for rights over the Indian sweetmeat “Rosogolla”.

The government of India has awarded to the State of West Bengal ownership rights over the “King of Indian Sweets” after a long battle between the two States.

Luscious Rosogolla, or sweet cheese balls dripping with sugar syrup, has long been a favorite dessert across the Indian subcontinent.

The two eastern states, West Bengal and Odisha have been arguing over the origins of rosogolla, which means a “ball of sweet”. They consulted historians and produced old documents to support their claims.

On Tuesday, the Indian Commerce and Industry Ministry ruled that the sweet originated from West Bengal, giving it the coveted “geographical indications” tag.

The World Trade Organization says “geographical indications” defines a good as originating in a particular territory of a member, or a region or locality in that territory, where a given quality, reputation or other characteristic of the good is available.

West Bengal’s Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee welcomed the decision saying in a Twitter post tha it was “sweet news for us all”

(The featured image at the top shows Rosogollas and other sweetmeats at a Kolkata confectionery. Photo: Reuters).