Maldivian Joint Opposition Presidential candidate assaulted

Maldivian Joint Opposition Presidential candidate assaulted

Male, July 10 (Avas/ Two men attempted to assault the Maldivian opposition alliance Presidential candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih while he was on a door-to-door campaign in the reclaimed suburb Hulhumale on Tuesday.

The assault attempt was foiled by Solih’s bodyguards and supporters before he was whisked away in a car. The two yet unidentified men were captured on video as they scuffled with the veteran lawmaker’s bodyguards and supporters.

Unfazed by the attempt, Solih was later seen continuing his campaign. Police are yet to comment on the incident and it remains unclear if the two men have been taken into custody.

Opposition officials said the latest incident underscores the threats facing the opposition ahead of the presidential elections. The Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) said in a statement that it condemned the “attempts by a few vigilantes to obstruct and physically harm the Joint Opposition Coalition’s candidate Hon. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih while he was campaigning door to door.”.

“The MDP calls on the Government of Maldives to stop facilitating violent obstruction of peaceful political activity and to provide an environment conducive for a free and fair election,” the statement said.

(The featured image at the top shows Joint Opposition candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on door to door campaigning)