India rejects UN report on Kashmir calling for international inquiry into alleged rights abuses

India rejects UN report on Kashmir calling for international inquiry into alleged rights abuses

New Delhi, June 14 (Indian Express): India on Thursday rejected the United Nations report on “human rights situation in Kashmir” calling it ” fallacious, tendentious and motivated,” the External Affairs Ministry said in a statement.

The report had called for an international inquiry into charges of human rights abuses in India’s only Muslim majority State.

Adding that the report is a “selective compilation of largely unverified statements,” the Ministry said that the report “violates India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” and “questioned the intent” behind it.

“The entire state of Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India. Pakistan is in illegal and forcible occupation of a part of the Indian state through aggression,” it added.

Call for International Inquiry

In a first of its kind report on the alleged human rights violations, the United Nations sought an international inquiry into these abuses.

Asserting that there was an “urgent need” to address the past and ongoing human rights violations, the report said: “any resolution to the political situation in Kashmir should entail a commitment to ending the cycles of violence and accountability for past and current human rights violations.”

Adding that “people on both sides of the Line of Control have been detrimentally impacted and suffer from limitations or denial of a range of human rights,” the report also asked neighboring country Pakistan to end its “misuse” of anti-terror legislation to quash dissent.

“Despite the Government of Pakistan’s assertions of denial of any support to these groups, experts believe that Pakistan’s military continues to support their operations across the Line of Control in Indian-Administered Kashmir,” the global human rights watch body said.

This is for the first time the UNHRC has issued a report on the alleged human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

(The featured image at the top shows Indian para military forces beating up Kashmiri protesters)